Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moar Servers

Hey Peeps!
Today I seriously need to fine more servers.
Cause most of them are always offline.
E-mail me if u have any good servers at
Okie, Bai!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey Peeps!
Our Project is Almost done (Insane Server)
I cant believe we are on the last thing!
omg omg omg omg!!! :)


Insane server IP

Hey Peeps!
You know the insane server I was talking about?
Well now i can tell you the ip!
Anyways the ip is:


Insane server

Hey Peeps!
My friend told me about a server and
we are making a huge 100x100 animal farm and its huge Q_Q
we have to mine until we hit bedrock!
I might give you guys the ip if the owner lets me.



Hey Peeps! Im hosting a contest!
Whoever builds the best land structure e-mail me anything about minecraft
then i will post it on my blog with your name on it!
Good Luck!



Hey Peeps!

A few weeks ago I installed Nodus.
Then  5 hours later I TRY to put it back to normal minecraft
Launcher But then it Ruined My Minecraft so i had to RESTART everything i did Q_Q
Moral of this post:
Never install Nodus.


My Fav Server

Hey Peeps!
My Fav Server is Never on anymore :(
I don't know why but I just wish it would be on!!!
It use to be 24/7 But now its on sometimes for like 10 minute periods :/
Anyways, Bai!